Business Model Canvas Google Spreadsheet Template

Business Model Canvas Google Spreadsheet Template

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Business Model Canvas Google Spreadsheet Template

This is our Business Model Canvas Spreadsheet, but now adapted to work on Google Sheets!

It can be shared and used by more than one person at the same time.

Business model Canvas
Build the business model design to get the overall view of your format and base the rest of the worksheet.

Qualitative Model Evaluation
make a qualitative assessment of the business model. The spreadsheet already comes with some suggestions, but you can add and change them whenever you want.

Value Curve
Use the value curve to compare the model you are evaluating with other existing business models.

Revenue Streams
Configure revenue sources and make estimates of sales and prices to project future revenue from the business.

Cost Structure
Use this tab to estimate business costs and make future projections of costs to know if revenues cover them.

Business Model Evaluation Report
Take a look at the annual forecast for the business model you are evaluating, compare the qualitative assessment with revenue and cost estimates, and count on automatic alerts and tips that will help you assess the feasibility of the model.

See results that will help you make a quick assessment and decision-making graphically. In addition to the results of projections and revenues and costs, you can also evaluate the results of the value curve graphically.



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