What's the history behind LUZ Templates?

The tools offered by LUZ are the result of know-how from several years of business consulting.
How it all began

Our story

LUZ started as a business consultancy focused on helping small and medium businesses to carry out their strategic planning. As with all planning, it was necessary to make a good diagnosis of the company and the result was usually an improvement action plan that several companies asked for help to implement.

During this help, we developed tools such as spreadsheets, presentations, forms, checklists, manuals, among others. The satisfaction with the use of these tools and the results they brought was so great that we realized that there was a new opportunity there.

And just like that, our website was born where we started to sell these tools individually and later turned into a subscription club with the biggest business toolbox ever.

This great toolbox of business templates now benefits an even larger number of companies spread around the world. We already have more than 60,000 satisfied customers and over 14 years of experience and improvement of our tools.


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Our history timeline

Our culture


At LUZ we value tools that are fully featured, yet are simple to use. Tools that can be adopted easily and deliver dashboards that can be easily analyzed by anyone.


Tools that are practical and can be put into action quickly are other very important values in every product we develop. We do the opposite of creating complex and difficult-to-use systems.


The best theory in the world is useless if it is not implemented and used as a tool for implementing improvement actions in companies. Our products are designed to be the shortest possible bridge between theory and practice.


Results are the greatest measure of success we can hope for for our customers. Since our foundation as a consultancy, we have always sought results for our clients and with our tools it was no different.

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