Marketing Plan Presentation in Powerpoint

Marketing Plan Presentation in Powerpoint

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Marketing Plan Presentation in Powerpoint

The Marketing Plan Presentation in Powerpoint aims to serve as a visual support tool so that you can present a complete company’s Marketing Plan to managers, investors or customers.

This presentation can be used both internally by employees or area managers, as well as by independent consultants and agencies in consulting projects in the marketing area. It can also be used to present a Marketing Plan ppt to investors if the new business is a startup or a nascent company.

You will be able to present a cohesive and coherent plan of future investments in marketing a business, show timelines, various analyzes in addition to having ready-made slide templates to show Action Plans and implementation of Marketing Plan strategies.

The ready Marketing Plan Presentation ensures that all the planning and defined strategies can be clearly understood by everyone in the company, as it clearly and visually conveys the Marketing Plan in all its stages and phases, including schedules.

Of the 4P’s of Marketing, Analysis of Competitors and Opportunities, Risks and Points for Improvement, everything can be presented in a more visual and impactful way, facilitating assimilation by the entire team and understanding by the company’s managers and directors.

The presentation template is 100% editable and customizable. This means that you can, when opening the file in Powerpoint, change any information to enter your data. Graphics, images and texts are all editable and can be customized for your use.

The Marketing Plan Presentation contains the following slides:

1 – Strategic Research

Market data:
– Direct competitors
– Indirect competitors and Benchmarks

Audience Data:
– Economic and Sociocultural Factors
– Demographic Factors
– Behavioral Factors
– Empathy Maps
– Buying Personas

2 – Company Data

Organizational Culture:
– Golden Circle
– Mission, Vision and Values
– Value Proposition (can be the Value Proposition Canvas and the definition below)
– Business Model Canvas (optional)
– Name, Symbol, Slogan

– Territories (wordcloud or mind map)
– Value Curve (comparison with public and direct and indirect competitors)
– Positioning Description
– 4 P’s (abstract)

3 – Media plan:

– Communication
– Brand Personality
– Competitor Comparison Matrix
– Media Plan (goals, objectives, channels)
– Strategy: Own Media
– Strategy: Collaborative Media
– Strategy: Earned Media (referrals)
– Strategy: Paid Media
– Implementation
– Schedule
– Actions (5W2H)
– Budget Allocation



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