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Powerpoint Product Roadmap Presentation

Powerpoint Product Roadmap Presentation

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Product Roadmap Presentation

Product Roadmap Presentation is a perfect powerpoint theme for Product Owners or Product Managers who need to present their company’s new product development plan.

Roadmap, as the name suggests, is a kind of map, a powerful visual and descriptive tool that will show how the product or project will be at each period of its evolution. This “management compass” will align all stakeholders (project stakeholders) around the same sequential steps toward building the entire product. It will make everyone involved aware of the evolution process and which variables involve this path.

If you are on a team that uses good software engineering practices, you will be making frequent deliveries, and by making frequent deliveries you will get a lot of feedback from your users about the software and features you are delivering. This will likely change your roadmap as when your users start using a new feature they will have new suggestions for your software and even if you don’t get any suggestions when you see them using it you will likely have new ideas for your product.

With 16 slides, the presentation has space to describe objectives, personas, solutions, product structure, agenda, gantt and stages. All 100% editable!



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