Adwords Performance Excel Spreadsheet Template

Adwords Performance Excel Spreadsheet Template

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Adwords Performance Excel Spreadsheet Template

Campaigns, Ad Groups and Keywords
Tabs for registering campaigns created, ad groups and keywords for your adwords strategy

Adwords Performance Control
Based on your keywords, fill in the results of impressions, clicks, expenses and conversions to automatically see some indicators such as CTR (Clickthrough Rate), CPC, cost-per-conversion, and% conversion per click of each registered keyword

Goal x Result
Based on the goals you’ve set and the result you’ve seen, visualize how your adwords campaign funnel is performing in a general way

Campaign Analysis
Choose a campaign and automatically visualize all key metrics for the keywords you’ve enrolled in it

Dashboard Goal x Result
View a dashboard with key metrics and graphs related to your adwords campaigns

Adwords Funnel Dashboard
View a dashboard with important impressions, clicks, and metrics data related to adwords campaigns you’ve created

Adwords Performance Excel Spreadsheet Template



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