Course Pricing Excel Spreadsheet Template

Course Pricing Excel Spreadsheet Template

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Course Pricing Excel Spreadsheet Template

Use the course pricing worksheet to find out all the costs of the courses you offer and to know the ideal price to charge per participant.

Course Overview

Define the main details of the course you want to price. You will register the course time, total hours, maximum number of participants, costs and commissions.

Teacher and Speaker Registration

Area to register all the teachers and speakers that will participate in this course or workshop, as well as their tuition value and a mini biografy for you to remember the main details of them if necessary.

Program content

All-day schedule of the course with teachers allocated hour by hour according to completion.

Time Allocation Management

Check if all hours of tuition are with assigned teachers and know exactly the number of hours per teacher per day.


According to the data recorded in the worksheet so far, visualize all the costs, register taxes and course stock forecast to automatically see the price per student, considering the maximum stocking and the expected stocking.

Breakeven Analysis

Record your fixed costs and determine the percentage of this amount allocated in this course to find out how many similar courses need to be sold to tie revenue with expenses (breakeven point).

Simulation of Prices

Look the price simulation for markups ranging from 0% to 100%.

Pricing Dashboard

Look the prices for maximum and estimated stock, as well as the main indicators and charts related to the spreadsheet.

Lessons Learned

At the end of the course, make sure that all planned hours with teachers were used, whether it took more or less hours and know their percentage accuracy.

Course Pricing Excel Spreadsheet Template



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