Dairy Cattle Control Excel Spreadsheet Template

Dairy Cattle Control Excel Spreadsheet Template

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Dairy Cattle Control Excel Spreadsheet Template

Dairy Cattle Registry:

Record all the heads of cattle you have. Specify their earring number/code, name, sex, origin, situation, age, category, breed, and observations.

Category and Breed Registration:

For better control of your herd, register all the categories (Buffaloes, Cows, Sheep, etc.) you own and the breeds you use on your farm.

Control of Milk Production:

Control the milk production of your entire herd daily by specifying the milk values ​​produced in the first and second milking, as well as the evaluated fat level of the produced milk.

Reproduction Control:

Area to record all parturitions, animals which are in gestation, and who is the father.

Control of Revenues and Expenses:

Record your daily revenues and expenses related to the control of dairy cattle, their herd, and the farm as a whole to get a financial overview.

Monthly Production Report:

See the amount of milk produced each month and the average percentage of fat analyzed.

Analysis by Individual Category:

Select a registered category and a month to view the amount of milk produced daily.

Finance Report:

This will visualize your financial summaries for each month with the specification of revenues, expenses, financial balance, and accumulated cash.


There are 2 dashboards with key indicators and charts related to your herd and total milk production.

Dairy Cattle Control Excel Spreadsheet Template



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