Design Biz Presentation

Design Biz Presentation

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Design Biz Presentation

The Design Biz Presentation is designed for businesses that work with creativity, design and need to have these attributes clear at all times. It is super clean and elegant with many slide variations to suit your needs.

Minimalist and with very discreet details, it is ideal for:

  • Institutional: Do you need an institutional presentation of your company? The Design Biz presentation is for this type of situation.
  • Academic Works: The Design Biz presentation has slides that help to visually show timelines, graphics, project stages, in addition to having slides to insert sentences or comments with a lot of text.
  • Show results: Does your company have a meeting where you need to show results? Or maybe you have a client and want to show them your results? You can use this presentation for that.

100% editable

All elements and icons are editable. You can easily change colors and resize them, and replace them quickly and easily.

With Image Placeholder

The placeholder is a placeholder for images. Each slide has its specific placeholder to insert background photos, team members, products, etc. The placeholder can be rectangular or elliptical, but you just need to drag your image inside the element and the image automatically takes the shape of that element! It’s very easy.

This is a themes for Powerpoint and Apple Keynote

The Design Biz Presentation contains the following slides:

  1. Who we are
  2. Image with Text
  3. 2 Images with Title and Text
  4. 3 Images with Title and Text
  5. Text with Large Background Image
  6. Text with 2 Columns and Image on the Side
  7. Topics in List
  8. Side by Side Topics
  9. Chapter Slide
  10. Horizontal Timeline
  11. Vertical Timeline
  12. Step by Step (Schedule)
  13. Team Slide (6 variations)
  14. Product Slide
  15. Recent Works
  16. Our Services
  17. Tables
  18. Customer Testimonials/Quotes
  19. Map Options
  20. Pause Slides
  21. Indicators
  22. Editable graphics
  23. Price Proposals
  24. Acknowledgment


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