Presentation of Media Kit in Powerpoint and Keynote

Presentation of Media Kit in Powerpoint and Keynote

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Presentation of Media Kit

Media Kit Presentation Template is a specific powerpoint and apple keynote theme for those who want to present data for media sales.

Nowadays, with the ease that exists to publish content on the internet, it is increasingly common that different media outlets appear independently and outside the common media purchase circuit. In these cases, the owner of this vehicle must present their numbers and advertising proposals to possible advertisers on their website.

The Media Presentation Kit helps you, the owner of this media vehicle, to structure the way your data will be presented. With it you will be able to show:

  • Your target audience and more information about it.
  • What types of ads will be able to run on your media channel.
  • Your audience numbers.
  • The key information about your website and your audience, as the template comes with several slides ready to present graphics.

This Media Presentation Kit template is for any type of media channel that wants to present their results to an advertiser: Youtube Channel, Blog, News Portal, Podcasts and Magazines.

The powerpoint theme is 100% editable and compatible with Keynote. This means you can edit fonts, images, colors and graphics, entering your own business information and branding.

The Media Kit Presentation includes the following slides:

  1. Company presentation
  2. Team slide
  3. Ad category
  4. Definition of Target Audience (Age, Sex, Marital Status)
  5. Bar Graphs
  6. Pie Graphs
  7. Audience on Social Media
  8. Ad Parts Technical Specification
  9. Customers Slide
  10. Contact Slide


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