Presentation of Positions and Salaries in Powerpoint and Keynote

Presentation of Positions and Salaries in Powerpoint and Keynote

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Presentation of Positions and Salaries

The Positions and Salaries Presentation can be used in internal (if you are an HR employee such as an analyst or manager) or external (if you are a Human Resources consultant) projects of carrying out a job plan and salaries for companies.

A Positions and Salaries Plan is a description of the structure of the company where the attributions, duties and responsibilities of each position within the organization are defined, in addition to specifying the salary and other remuneration for each of these positions.

The Positions and Salaries Plan is essential to implement a Career Plan in a company, being the main reference when firing or promoting employees. That is why it is important to make it visually presentable and impressive, as this will make it easier to be assimilated by all employees within the company.

It is important to make a Positions and Salaries Plan within a company to analyze the functions performed by employees within the business, preventing salary disparities or even accumulation of functions from occurring. It’s a way to make divisions of labor fairer, both in terms of work and in terms of salary.

Positions and Salaries Presentation is a fully editable Powerpoint and Apple Keynote template where you can change colors, images, and data entered in graphs and tables. There are more than 60 slides for you to use in your presentation.

In addition, the Presentation template comes with two free fonts that you will install on your computer so that you can fully use the presentation with the correct typography.

The Positions and Salaries Presentation contains the following slides:

  1. Logo/Contact Customization
  2. Meeting agenda
  3. Organizational Chart/Structure
  4. Analysis of Current Positions
  5. Salary Division by Júnior/Pleno/Sênior
  6. Bar Charts by Positions
  7. Individual Analysis
  8. Salary Evolution Chart
  9. Presentation of Salary Ranges
  10. Promotion Plan
  11. Promotion Criteria
  12. + Various Support Slides for Photos and Text

This presentation includes the free fonts ‘Bariol’ and ‘Bebas Neue’



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