Presentation SWOT Analysis in Easy Powerpoint

Presentation SWOT Analysis in Easy Powerpoint

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Presentation SWOT Analysis in Easy Powerpoint

The SWOT Easy Powerpoint Analysis Presentation is the ideal way for you to present a SWOT analysis (FOFA) in your company or college in a professional and stylish way.

SWOT analysis, also known as SWOT matrix, is an analysis based on the balance between a company’s internal environment – ​​Strengths and Weaknesses – and the external environment – ​​Opportunities and Threats ). Hence the acronym SWOT.

It was developed in the 1960s at Stanford University and quickly became an exercise/method used by all the main companies in the world to formulate their strategies.

The Easy SWOT Analysis Presentation has 16 fully editable slides, with graphics, fonts that can be changed in size, content and colors as desired.

See the slides below and buy and start using this powerpoint presentation right away. Save time and stand out from your peers and clients.



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