Sales Presentation for Consultants in Powerpoint and Keynote

Sales Presentation for Consultants in Powerpoint and Keynote

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Sales Presentation for Consultants in Powerpoint and Keynote

The Sales Presentation for Consultants on Google Slides was made for sales and consulting sales teams who frequently need to give sales presentations to offer their services. This Sales Presentation for Consultants on Google Slides and has all the necessary features for you to make an impactful and visually pleasing presentation in just a few minutes.

A Sales Proposal, which you present to your customer in order to sell your service, must contain:

  • Scope: All stages and deliverables of the project must be well defined when presented to the client, not generating doubts about what will be done.
  • Schedule: The entire temporal evolution of the project must be detailed, showing the project schedule through the most diverse visual resources, such as calendars and Gantt chart.
  • Cost: It is important to justify the value of the investment so, in addition to the amount to be invested, it is also important to show what led you, as a consultant, to calculate how much to charge.
  • Team: You must present to your client the team that will participate in the project, in addition to the contacts of these members and the role of each of them in the project.
  • Company Presentation: Last but not least, it is necessary to present the company and its history, showing a little of the history and the old customers. If you have testimonials, even better.

100% Editable

All elements are 100% editable and you will be able to easily change the texts, colors and any element of the presentation.

Image placeholder

The presentation has spaces to insert images. Just drag your image into the spaces indicated and you’re done. The image automatically fits on the placeholder, be it round, square or rectangular.

The Sales Presentation for Consultants contains the following slides:

  1. History (about the company)
  2. Achievements and cases
  3. Customer portfolio
  4. Product portfolio
  5. Responsible team
  6. Responsible mini-bio
  7. Customer testimonials
  8. List of options
  9. Project steps
  10. Detailing the steps
  11. Deliveries
  12. Amount and payment method
  13. Company Responsibilities
  14. Proposal deadline
  15. Contact
  16. Finishing Slides


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