Business Diagnostic Google Spreadsheet for Consultants

Business Diagnostic Google Spreadsheet for Consultants

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Use the Business Diagnostic Google Spreadsheet for Consultants to carry out a complete consultancy without wasting time.

We have developed our own methodology for analyzing companies that you will be able to implement with your clients without any difficulty.

Business Diagnostic

Here you have a division into 6 tabs:

  • Strategic Diagnostic
  • Finance Diagnostic
  • Marketing Diagnostic
  • HR Diagnostic
  • Operations Diagnostic
  • Technology Diagnostic

After answering 20 questions for each of the areas, the worksheet automatically generates an overall assessment score for the company and for these analyzed sectors.

It is possible to delete items that do not apply to the reality of the analyzed company or add new ones easily using a button that adds new questions/items.


In a simple and quick way, the worksheet already offers you an overview of the result of the business diagnosis with a score from 0 to 100% for each of the areas and for the company as a whole.

With this note, the worksheet automatically generates their maturity level and also shows a graph of the areas’ evaluations.




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