Cleaning Schedule Excel Spreadsheet Template

Cleaning Schedule Excel Spreadsheet Template

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Cleaning Schedule Excel Spreadsheet Template


The initial area to register the places that need cleaning, the types of cleaning for these places, and employees who perform the cleaning.

Setting Up Cleaning Plan:

Select a month and set up a cleaning plan for the places with the date and responsible employee. Also, update the cleaning status whether it is done or not.

Cleaning Material’s Inventory Control:

To control the inventory of cleaning materials, record the materials used, their units of measurement, the minimum stock, and the current stock of each material. The excel sheet will automatically update & show their availability status.

Cleaning Schedule:

An easy-to-understand Cleaning Schedule will be automatically created according to the Cleaning Plan and show the exact date and place for each scheduled cleaning.


There will be two reports. The first report is to show the number of times each place should have cleaned, how many were done, and how many were not. The second report is to show the execution of daily scheduled cleaning throughout the selected month.

Cleaning Dashboard:

The dashboard displays the main indicators and charts related to the cleaning plan and executed cleaning schedule.

Clean Schedule Excel Spreadsheet Template



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