Marketing Mix (4P) Google Spreadsheet

Marketing Mix (4P) Google Spreadsheet

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This is our Marketing Mix (4P) Spreadsheet, but now adapted to work on Google Sheets!

It can be shared and used by more than one person at the same time.

Define strategies for Product, Place, Price, Promotion forms and see reports with indications of the results.

Define your product or service and make a comparison between your company and your competitors on the key features that influence your customer’s perception of value

Strategy Canvas
The strategy canvas is a curve of the performance of your business against competitors that will automatically be formed according to the importance and markings set for each feature of your product or service

Analyze which are the main channels with potential sales and whether you are using them or not

Depending on how you target your price, the spreadsheet already tells you which is the best pricing strategy you should adopt

Plan your campaigns with your best channels and set your spending on online and offline advertising

Promotion Strategies Report
Based on the settings in the previous tabs and with the sales projection you develop, you will automatically see the main results and charts

Track your key metrics and graphs across two control panels that show the true state of the 4 Ps of Marketing Mix in your business



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