Brainstorm Excel Spreadsheet Template

Brainstorm Excel Spreadsheet Template

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Brainstorm Excel Spreadsheet Template

Brainstorm Methodology
This is a content-only tab that provides you an overview of the brainstorm methodology suggesting a step-by-step, general rules, and how to set the criteria.

Brainstorm Session Planning
Plan up to 200 brainstorming sessions throughout the year, define a theme for each session, the number of participants, materials needed, costs, and track the utility of the proposed solution

Brainstorm Session Log
Register every idea per participant so you can further select which are the best ones to be used.

Selection of Brainstorm Ideas
Each participant will be able to grade all ideas. This will generate automatically a ranking of the best ideas that will be implemented.

Brainstorm Sessions Dashboard

A beautiful, automated, and dynamic dashboard that will showcase all sessions registered monthly, all participants, ideas are given, and their success rate.

Brainstorm Excel Spreadsheet Template



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