PDCA Deming Model Excel Spreadsheet Template

PDCA Deming Model Excel Spreadsheet Template

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PDCA Deming Model Excel Spreadsheet Template

Planning (Plan)
The first step of the worksheet is the Planning P, for it you will define up to 50 problems you want to solve or processes you want to improve, listing their possible causes and current critical level.

Execution (Do)
The second step of the PDCA cycle is execution (do). Based on the causes that you listed in the previous step, you can create action plans with responsible and deadline for completion.

Check (Check)
The third step of the PDCA cycle is to check and control the actions performed. To follow the plan, the worksheet generates a schedule to control the conclusion of each task and to follow up the success.

As a conclusion, in the fourth step of the PDCA cycle, you will determine the final critical level of each of the problems and processes raised, and if they have been solved or not. Then the spreadsheet will give you automatic feedbacks according to the evolution of each one and will indicate what to do in the next PDCA cycle that you rotate.

PDCA Cycle Analysis by Problem or Process
To deepen the analysis of your causes and also the outcome of your plan, simply choose one of the problems or processes listed and the worksheet will show you all the information of the PDCA cycle to facilitate your decision making and future planning.

PDCA Cycle Report
See the key PDCA cycle information, understand the softest and most critical issues, and analyze the percentage success of planned actions.

PDCA Cycle Dashboard
Control panel of the PDCA cycle with all the main information, indicators and graphics related to the execution of the actions, and the improvement of the initial and final critical level of the problems and processes raised.

PDCA Deming Model Excel Spreadsheet Template



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