SWOT Analysis Excel Spreadsheet Template

SWOT Analysis Excel Spreadsheet Template

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SWOT Analysis Excel Spreadsheet Template

New method for SWOT classification
Smarter method to rank Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats based on importance, intensity and trend.

SWOT matrix
According to the completion of the worksheet, your SWOT matrix is ​​already set up with the 5 most important items of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Crossing SWOT
Here you analyze how much your strengths and weaknesses are influencing the chance of opportunities and threats of happening. You automatically receive the kind of strategy you should use related to these items.

SWOT Analysis Results
Find out the environment-friendly index that your business is embedded and follow graphs and indicators for all items in your SWOT Analysis.

SWOT Analysis Dashboard
See key information and graphs in a simple dashboard.

Registration of Persons Responsible and Areas
Keep track of all the people who will be responsible for action plans and track specific results created automatically from who is performing well and who needs improvement.

Control of Action Plans
Create and control action plans, decision makers, activity start and end dates, and your progress from your SWOT Analysis.

Action Plans Report
From the completion of the action plans, the worksheet automatically informs you if you are paying attention to all items raised in the SWOT Matrix and shows you some graphs related to the progress of these activities.

Analysis of Action Plans by area or employee
Make a specific analysis of the status of the action plans by area or by employee in ready-made tables according to their completion.

Action Plans Dashboard
See the key information on the action plans

SWOT Analysis Excel Spreadsheet Template



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