5W2H Action Plan Excel Spreadsheet Template

5W2H Action Plan Excel Spreadsheet Template

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5W2H Action Plan Excel Spreadsheet Template

Basically, every task in a business can be structured using the universal method of the 5W2H action plans. Knowing Who, When, Where, Why, and How, you will get a complete picture of how the company is operating!

Register up to 500 Plans 5W2H

In this spreadsheet tab you can register up to 500 different 5W2H action plans. This acronym stands for: What, Why, Who, When, Where, How, and How much.

Execution and Expenditure Plans for Action Plans

In this area, for each of the action plans that you have defined, you can record activities that must be completed to finish it, as well as the expenses associated with those tasks.

Consolidated monitoring of all Plans

Make a consolidated tab of all of your 5W2H Action Plans in a single tab, so you can see the number of planned activities for each one, how many have been executed so far, and the status of each of these actions.

Report of Action Plans

Monthly see the number of planned action plans, how many were completed, and the monthly completion percentage along with a visual and explanatory chart.

Monthly Expense Report

According to the completion of the worksheet you will see the expenses separated by month and by area, facilitating the identification of errors, excess costs in a certain department or time of the year.

5W2H Action Plans Dashboard

See a dashboard detailing the planning and execution of action plans following the 5W2H methodology. Here you will see the percentage of plans and tasks completed, as well as graphs with this monthly monitoring.

5W2H Action Plan Excel Spreadsheet Template



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