BCG Matrix Google Spreadsheet

BCG Matrix Google Spreadsheet

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This is our BCG Matrix Excel Spreadsheet, but now adapted to work on Google Sheets!

It can be shared and used by more than one person at the same time.

Star, cash cow, question mark, or poor dog! Understand the potential growth and market share of your product and services using the BCG Matrix.

Product or Service Classification

The first step of the spreadsheet is to list and classify all your company’s products or services according to the guidelines of the BCG matrix, that is, to evaluate the participation of that product/service in your market, as well as the potential for its expansion.

BCG Matrix

According to the completion of the characteristics of your product automatically the worksheet already does its categorization and generates the BCG matrix.

Trends Report

See how the trend is to vary rankings and take action to prevent a well-ranked product from becoming a question mark or poor dogs.

Report for Printing

The worksheet compiles all the information generated in preformatted reports and ready for printing and immediate use!

BCG Matrix Dashboard

Track key metrics and charts in a complete scorecard with the most relevant information in the worksheet.




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