Loan Brokers Excel Spreadsheet Template 5.0

Loan Brokers Excel Spreadsheet Template 5.0

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Loan Brokers Excel Spreadsheet Template 5.0

Registration of Brokers, Clients and Rules

Register your brokers, clients and the rules for applying for new loans or refinancing.

Control of Loans Made

Make a record of all loans and refinancing carried out by your company, detailing the customer, the amount of installments, interest and amounts charged.

Receipts Control

For each loan, check monthly if the amounts are being received correctly or if there is any level of default.

New Loan Opportunities

For each registered customer, verify that they are eligible (according to the rules) to receive a new loan or refinance the debt they owe to your business.

Print-ready Loan Proposal

According to the data registered for a loan, automatically print a proposal to physically present it to your client and to have a record.

Loan Analysis

View monthly (for the year you choose) the amount of loans made, the amount of money handled and what has been received so far.

Dashboard for Loan Brokers

See two control panels with the main indicators and graphs related to loans made and the receipt of installments by your customers.



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