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Personal Finance Excel Spreadsheet Template

Personal Finance Excel Spreadsheet Template

Easy-to-use Account Group
This worksheet follows best practices for controlling your finances. You start by registering the various types of financial transactions, composing your Group of Accounts. You can also register your banks.

Control the transfers you make between your banks very easily with this new version 4.0 tab.

Daily Movements
Make your launches every day, recording the main information of the financial movement, including the form of payment. You can also register different dates for posting and payment, so you can control accounts you would have to pay or receive.

Spending Control
Control all your spending on a view that separates the total spending per month, divided by banks, so you can better analyze how your spending is month by month.

Cash Flow Report by Bank
View a Cash Flow report by bank and track how the moves happen in each of your accounts. This vision will help you better understand your consolidated numbers and helps you make decisions for the coming months of the year.

Long Term Objectives
Trace and track your long-term goals. Going on a trip and want to control your finances so you can raise money? Or buy a car, and wonder how much you need to join month after month? This tab helps you chart those goals and understand how you can accomplish them.

Manage Your Investments
New to this version 4.0, you can now check how much you have in each investment made. Spreadsheet consolidates the information of the launches and shows you, month by month, how your long-term investments are going, in addition to issuing alerts if you do not make your investments.

Cash Flow Report
Check how your Cash Flow walks and understand better how your moves happen and affect your personal finances. Cash Flow still comes with several indicators that help you think in the long term, such as Cash Need.

Goal Control
Another novelty of this release is that it is now possible to set revenue and expenditure targets and track whether you are achieving them or not. You can also change them at any time as the year goes by. You can also compare your goals with the actual result, to have better references for the future.

Financial results
Get an overview of your results, both annually and monthly. Keep track of your movements day by day and understand what were your main expenses each month.

Bills to pay and receive
The spreadsheet comes with automatic reports that tell you the outstanding amounts, both for you and for you to pay. So you do not run the risk of being defaulted and can also manage your expenses for the future, based on what you still need to receive. In addition, the spreadsheet shows you how much of the open expense or revenue.

Print Reports
You can print all reports from the spreadsheet, either to show to another person or to yourself to keep track to analyze calmly, away from the computer, as your financial transactions are occurring.

Monthly Analysis Dashboard
With this Indicator Panel, you will be able to quickly and easily visualize your main indicators within the month. In addition, the spreadsheet points out some essential information for you to keep an eye on as your primary expense, for example.

Annual Review Dashboard
Also follow a view of the annual results of your finances, graphically showing the main months of the highest movements.

Account Analysis Dashboard
It is also possible, in this version of the Worksheet, to analyze your account in your Chart of Accounts. Understand how much an account represents from your total income and expenses and how it behaves throughout the year, all demonstrated through charts.

Revenue and Expense Dashboard
Generate automatic charts to better understand how your top income and expenses behave. Understand how each sub-account is responsible for the total of each account, both Revenue, and expenses. So you can understand your money allocation, month by month.

Where does your money go?
With this new dashboard version 4.0, you'll find out! This panel shows you very easily and practically, month by month, where your money is going. So you can find out in a few clicks what is driving you to spend more.

Personal Finance Excel Spreadsheet Template


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