Training Control Google Spreadsheet

Training Control Google Spreadsheet

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This is our Training Control Spreadsheet, but now adapted to work on Google Sheets!

It can be shared and used by more than one person at the same time.

With this spreadsheet you will control your training, as well as have a complete view of your attendance list and also a database of the courses that each student has already taken!

Registration of Areas, Positions, Spaces, and Students
You can register your business areas, existing positions, training rooms and / or companies to which you provide training and the students (employees/attendees) who participated in each of them. The worksheet has a limit of 100 students.

Training Registration
You’ll list all the courses that are going to be taught, the responsible, and other data about each training as the venue, dates, duration and cost!

Attendance list
Then you should do the presence control in all your courses. Each month, you can list up to 10 courses with a maximum of 50 students each.

Training Dashboard
The worksheet has a specific area where you can analyze in detail the main indicators of your training, such as the number of courses, how many are programmed, hours of courses and more!

Student Dashboard
You can evaluate your results in detail by students seeing how many training sessions they attended, hours studied and more!

Student Training Consultation
Finally, you will be able to see each student’s “curriculum”. That is, the list of all the courses that each of them has done over time!



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