Valuation Excel Spreadsheet Template

Valuation Excel Spreadsheet Template

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Valuation Excel Spreadsheet Template

Project Assumptions

On the first tab, you should fill out the general project data, as well as some financial assumptions like discount rate, risks, etc. for up to 10 years of the projection

Projection of Expenses
The next step in the worksheet is projecting the expenses for the following years that will be part of your projection. At this point, the spreadsheet allows you to separate costs, expenses, and investments!

Revenue Projection
Just like you did with the expenses, you should design all the future revenues of this project, with that, your cash flow will be automatically created!

Attractiveness Indicators
Using the flows generated in the statement, the worksheet will automatically calculate the main indicators: NPV, IRR, payback, perpetuity and final value of the business!

With the projections made, the spreadsheet will automatically generate all the result statements needed to achieve the attractiveness indicators. In it, you will be able to analyze EBITDA, Profit, and Free Cash Flow!

You can view all the information of the worksheet in two control panels ready to show you the general valuation and some analysis according to the chosen year

Valuation Excel Spreadsheet Template



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