Bid Management Google Spreadsheet

Bid Management Google Spreadsheet

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This is our Bid Management Spreadsheet, but now adapted to work on Google Sheets!

It can be shared and used by more than one person at the same time.

Monitor bids of interest and control the deadlines and values ​​of won bids, necessary certificates and demands that need to be made.

General Registration

Area to register customers, modalities and types of tenders in which your company participates

Certificate Registration

Tab to register all the certificates necessary to participate in tenders and notices, their expiration date and automatically monitor the expiration status

Control of Interest Bids

Register all tenders that your company is interested in participating in, registering the deadline to participate, result date, modality, type, objective, value and status

Monitoring of Winning Bids

For each bid won, control the contract signature date, start order date, execution deadline, status, whether there was an addition or deletion and the final bid values


Area for recording and monitoring all activities that need to be carried out for the participation and execution of bids controlled in the spreadsheet

Receipts Control

Record daily all receipts that occurred specifying the customer, the date of payment and the corresponding amount

Analysis of Tenders and Notices

Choose a bid or notice to see all related information


The spreadsheet has 4 complete reports for you to monitor the main indicators. They are: General, Demands, Detailed (with types of bid and modalities) and, finally, one for monthly monitoring of the Status of Bids


The spreadsheet also has 3 control panels with the main indicators and graphs (general, by demands and won bids) that will help you understand the main information related to the bids and notices in which your company participates.



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