Porter’s Five Competitive Forces Google Spreadsheet

Porter’s Five Competitive Forces Google Spreadsheet

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This is our Porter’s Five Competitive Forces Spreadsheet, but now adapted to work on Google Sheets!

It can be shared and used by more than one person at the same time.

Assess your company’s market attractiveness with Porter’s famous 5 competitive forces method!

Porter’s 5 Competitive Forces
Start by analyzing your company from the standpoint of Porter’s 5 Competitive Forces: bargaining power of customers, bargaining power of suppliers, rivalry among competitors, the threat of new entrants, and the threat of substitutes

Porter Matrix
According to the answers, Porter’s competitive forces matrix is already formed, indicating which forces are more relevant in your market

Analysis of the Market Competitiveness Index
According to the answers, see the market competitiveness index and know if the situation is more complicated or simple. In this area, there are also several tips for each item answered

Porter’s Five Forces Dashboard
Control panel with the score of each of Porter’s Forces and graphics detailing that score

Competitiveness Analysis Dashboard
Control panel with the percentage of market competitiveness, more relevant force, less relevant and comparative graphs between the forces



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