Stakeholders Evaluation Excel Spreadsheet Template

Stakeholders Evaluation Excel Spreadsheet Template

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Stakeholders Evaluation Excel Spreadsheet Template

With this worksheet, you will register all stakeholders of your business, register quality of service criteria, and monitor which ones are serving you better.

Stakeholders Registration:

Register up to 1000 stakeholders and record important information such as company contact, phone numbers, and address.

Criteria Registration:

You can register up to 10 criteria of comparison between stakeholders and define how much importance each criterion will have.

Stakeholders Evaluation:

Evaluate all registered stakeholders for each of the criteria recorded in the spreadsheet. This fill generates all reports and dashboards automatically.

Action plans

Control of action plans with stakeholder type, date and status.

Stakeholders Ranking:

See the ranking with the general notes of all stakeholders already in order from the first to the last note.

Comparative Report:

Choose two different stakeholders and compare your notes for each of the criteria, the general note to know the differences and which should be contracted by your company.

General Dashboard:

Control panel with key metrics from stakeholder’s evaluations of a completed worksheet.

Stakeholders Comparison Dashboard:

Choose two stakeholders and compare your notes with charts and indicators.



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