Recruitment and Candidates Tracking Google Spreadsheet

Recruitment and Candidates Tracking Google Spreadsheet

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This is our Recruitment and Candidates Tracking Spreadsheet, but now adapted to work on Google Sheets!

It can be shared and used by more than one person at the same time.

Organize your selection process by registering candidates and evaluation steps.

Resume and Steps Set-Up

At the beginning of the worksheet, you can register up to 6,000 resumes with the most important data. In addition, you can customize up to 4 steps of your hiring process.

Opening of 120 hiring processes

You can then record up to 120 hiring processes with their respective start and end dates.

Monthly Control of 10 Hiring Processes

Each month, you can indicate which hiring process is active, associate them with candidates, and set the status of each.

General Reports

The spreadsheet will automatically generate 3 reports with the data per month of candidates, hiring processes and duration of each stage.‍

Detailed panel by the hiring process

The spreadsheet will automatically generate a complete panel with all the information for each of your hiring processes.‍

A comparative panel of the candidate

Finally, the spreadsheet allows you to select 2 candidates and compare their attributes.



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